While it may not always feel like it, every cold winter comes to an end.  Pretty soon the suns gonna come back out and remind us all what it’s like to desperately need a fan running.  March is just about here, and just like that Spring is just around the corner!  Got any spring break plans?  If you’re still thinking about what you’ll want to do, maybe we can give you some ideas?

Amish Country is great this time of year, and even better once spring rolls around!  There will be plenty of new things to do once things warm up, so here are some ideas for what you can do this spring break!


The main thing you want to be able to take advantage of while you’re here is the spring sunshine! Take a stroll through Berlin and peruse all the wonderful little secrets you can find! There are tons of shops absolutely loaded with little curiosities, trinkets and snacks that you can only get right here!  For something a little more obvious, check out Sheiyah market, a huge complex with a huge variety of shops available, such as the massive 3 story Village Gift Barn and Sheiyah boutique, the relaxing Buggy Brew, and so much more! Also keep an eye out for restaurants while you’re going through town, you won’t want to miss a single one of our hometown dining experiences, like Der Bake Oven, Olde World Bakery, Table Rock Pizza, and more.


There’s tons to do with your kids too!  There are plenty of farms that you can visit, such as Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery, Yoder’s Amish Home, or the Farm at Walnut Creek.  Each are  great spots that the kids will love! You might love them too if you’re not afraid to let out your inner child and feed treats to a goat, or even indulge your curiosity on the ins and outs of Amish home life.


And if weather isn’t permitting for an outdoor adventure, the Berlin Resort still has what you’ll need out of a wonderful spring break getaway!  With an indoor pool and hot tub, you can lay out and swim as if it were summer, or you can enjoy a flick in our movie theater!  We are more than a hotel, we are our own slice of paradise throughout the year!


Of course, there is so much to find in Holmes county that we haven’t even scratched the surface of!  Half the fun is discovering it for yourself.  You can also check out https://www.visitamishcountry.com/ for ideas of where to look for your adventure in Amish Country.


Happy hunting, and enjoy your spring!