Vacationing is a crucial part of a cohesive family. It’s where you create fond memories that’ll last a lifetime. Your kids will look back on those memories and want to recreate the experience for their children once they’ve grown.

The key to an unforgettable vacation is finding the perfect resort that offers possibilities for everyone in your family.

We’re here to help narrow down the top factors the best all-inclusive resorts for families need to create the right experience. Keep reading to learn more about the activities and amenities you should require from your next family vacation resort!

Imaginative Play Area

Nothing is as powerful a learning tool for children than play. It’s vital to their mental and physical health, and it can teach them hands-on skills they can’t get any other way.

That’s why a play area that excites kids should be available in every family-friendly resort. It’ll draw them in and allow them to expend some energy while meeting new friends.

For example, Berlin Resort’s miniature village is a wonderful creative escape for kids of all ages. It’s small enough for children but big enough for the whole family to participate in games of pretend. Your child can live their dream of being sheriff for a day or a pet shop owner.

It’s a place for adventure and play that brings imagination to life!

Family Fun at the Firepit at the Berlin Resort

Warm, cozy Amish country firepit at the Berlin Resort

Relaxing Entertainment

No family vacation can be complete without ways to relax and destress. You need entertainment options that let you sit back and chill for a few hours while still keeping your kids amused.

How about a movie theater that’s small enough for an intimate viewing but big enough to feel like a proper cinema? Our movie theater hosts 300 different movies that’ll play on the big screen for you and your family.

Enjoy squishy seats and a stylish lounge while you watch movies catered for a family experience.

Prefer relaxing with nature? We have a koi pond that’ll bring pops of color to your day as they swim around. Illuminated waterfalls add to the magical effect.

For those who find comfort in a charming fire, there’s the perfect patio and fire-pit combo with your name on it at Berlin Resort!

Family Games

Gaming is a tried-and-true way to bring a family together, but families need some variety. There are only so many times you can play Monopoly before you get bored. While at all-inclusive resorts, you want something easy to play but still provide a challenge for the older family members.

Golfing is the unsung hero of the gaming world. It’s easy to get into while bringing in some competitive edge without being too aggressive.

Our vibrant green field offers both pitch and putt golfing activities.

Those who are deep in the game can brush up on their short-game skills and show off a little to the family without needing to waste any gas driving somewhere else. Children can learn about this classic sport and develop stronger motor skills all at the same time.


The Beautiful Pool at the Berlin Resort

Fun Fitness Activities

Vacations are filled with good experiences and even better food. The problem is that it’s tricky to get back into your healthy lifestyle once you get home.

The best way to offset this is to include exciting fitness activities during your vacation. By making those activities unique and fun, it’ll feel like a seamless part of your vacation.

If you don’t enjoy letting your fitness take a nosedive while visiting Berlin, Ohio, then you’re in luck.

We have a 24-hour fitness club filled with all the exercise equipment you could need to stay on track. It’s a large area so you never feel uncomfortable while getting your groove on. It’s a facility that caters to every skill level, so even your littlest one can join in with the exercises.

When you need a cooldown session or want to get some fresh air, our paths around the resort can make every walk feel like an adventure. Beautiful greenery and gazebos are only the beginning of the interesting things you’ll see.

Refreshing Recreation

While swimming pools can also be a part of your fitness regimen, they’re also a place for fun and relaxation. There’s nothing that can beat a refreshing dip in a sparkling pool. Except for maybe a soak in a whirlpool or a cozy stay in a sauna to melt away your worries.

Our resort comes with all three of these tranquil amenities, plus a steam room. Regardless of how you like to refresh your mind and your body, we’re here to provide it for you!

Educational Value

When at a vacation resort, trying to add to your children’s education is often at the bottom of the list. You want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Education doesn’t typically add to the fun factor.

Finding a way to balance adventure and learning during a vacation means that your children learn new things without even realizing they’re learning.

The unique thing about Berlin Resort is that we’re situated in Ohio’s Amish country. It’s a remarkable area filled with history and a different life experience. Explore authentic bakeries, wineries, craft shops, art shops, woodworkers, and more.

While staying at the resort, your children will get to learn about Amish country without ever setting foot in a classroom. It’s a passive learning experience that’ll keep their brains engaged while enjoying everything this area has to offer!

Visit One of the Best Resorts for Families Today

Many of the best all-inclusive resorts for families can offer you some of the things on this list. It’s not difficult to find a resort with a swimming pool or an indoor gym.

The jackpot is when you find a place to stay that offers you everything on this list. That means no compromises and no disappointments.

At Berlin Resort, we offer your family everything on this list and more. We want you to experience a slice of paradise that you can only find in our homey Amish country resort. Contact us today for information on our rooms and suites!