The ice has melted, things are getting just a bit more green, and the sun is starting to shine once again! We’ve finally finished the victory lap of winter and spring has finally stepped in.  We’ve all been sheltering from the icy winds long enough, so I’m sure that spring is just a distant memory for all of us right now, so NOW is the time to get out there for Spring Break!

If Amish Country pops up on your list of places to visit, or you’re just shopping around for ideas to throw your tax return at, here are a bunch of fun things to do with your family this Spring right here in Holmes County!


Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery:

Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery is a go-to for my wife and I whenever we want to get out of the house and get a sweet treat.  As the name implies, Hershberger’s comes in two parts; a farm and a bakery.

The farm half is a huge petting zoo with tons of farm animals that you can get up close and personal with.  Goats, cows, horses, and so many more kinds of animals roam around the farm for you to feed and pet around their pens, the paths you walk, and even on the roof of their enclosure!

The bakery half is also loaded with tons of delicious Amish country treats!  Stocked with delicious cream sticks, plenty of incredible locally sourced groceries and seasonal produce, Hershberger’s is a great spot to visit on your trip to Holmes County no matter what time of year!


Heini’s Cheese Chalet:

I am a sucker for some good cheese and Heini’s has some of my favorite kinds of cheeses available. Here you can buy and sample tons of delicious cheeses and cheese fudges.  There are a huge variety of cheeses available beyond the typical swisses and cheddars you’ll find stocked in your own kitchen.  While sampling has to be limited for the moment due to COVID protocol, it is still incredible to walk through the huge variety of cheeses available, you’ll see cheese varieties that you would never have even thought to exist!

Not to mention that they also offer tours to show their production process and history.  How is cheese made and who makes it are just a small selection of the many mysteries of cheese


Yoder’s Amish Home:

If you don’t live close to Amish country, or you haven’t been around too much, then Yoder’s Amish Home is a must stop during your trip here.  Yoder’s Amish Home is an Amish country experience that ties up everything you would want to know about Amish life into one package. They offer tours of various parts of Amish life, including a look at Amish home life, a barn, a schoolhouse and more!  They also have a selection of baked goods and a gift shop.

Either way you’re guaranteed to learn plenty about Amish Country here, and it’ll be able to color how you view the rest of your time in Holmes County.  They’ll be reopened for the warm seasons later this month, on April 24th!


And of course if your stay brings you to the Berlin Resort there’s also plenty to do here!  We offer a beautiful outdoor area where you can go on a walk, explore our trail, play pitch and putt games and so much more!

If you’re ever around Amish country during any time of year, make sure to check out our Area Attractions page, where we’ll be keeping track of various things to do around Holmes County!  Just like the seasons change, so does life in Amish Country!  Keep your eyes open to see what kinds of things happen year round here.