So you’re getting married, and you’re at one of the most important steps of the wedding planning process; finding a venue. This is the part that can determine how many of your wedding dreams will be coming true, and how exactly they’ll be able to happen.  This step will likely be determining the size of your guest list, what foods you can have, the kinds of activities you can do, and so on.  At this point there are enough places to bring your wedding to make your head spin!  It can get very overwhelming, but if you’re thinking about booking with the Berlin Resort, I’m sure you’ll find a pleasant experience with us!  Between our variety of venues, both indoor and outdoor, and our helpful events coordinator, I’m sure you’ll find us to be a worthy candidate to host your special day!

Indoor Spaces

Our main indoor space available is our massive Banquet hall!  Able to seat up to 250 guests, with full audio and visual equipment available for music and video, it is certain to be perfect for whatever you want to do with your wedding ceremony or reception! Whether you want dancing, baby-picture slideshows, or whatever other activities you can think of, this room will definitely be able to accommodate.


We also have a brand new space available, currently called the Club Room!  Located in the Club-wing of our building, it presents a space prime for smaller celebrations, in case the banquet hall proves to be too much space for your guest list! Holding 80 people, it is situated in a perfect spot for a tighter knit reception.

Club Room Panorama

Outdoor Spaces

Spring Grounds at the Berlin Resort

If you hold a love of nature in your heart, you can wrap that in with your wedding day on our well manicured grounds!  Our green, expansive grounds lined with trees and rushing streams can accommodate up to 125 guests in an outdoor reception under a 40×60’ pole tent!  On top of that we have several outdoor spaces fit for a perfect ceremony under the sunshine!  Not to mention that you will still have access to our kitchen just like our indoor spaces.

Berlin Resort Gazebo

One of our premiere outdoor spaces for your ceremony is our Gazebo, which is set under shade by our gorgeous Koi pond, a perfect backdrop for your wedding, and any photo ops you may be thinking of.  On one side of your ceremony you’ll be overlooking the rushing waters flowing into our pond, and the other side you’ll be overlooking the scenic fields of our gorgeous grounds.



We also have our Pergola, which provides a more convenient space for a ceremony, with plenty of room for chairs, and a stream running right by it! It’s a perfect spot for an outdoor ceremony, not to mention it still has all the beautiful scenery of our Gazebo, being set just up our walking path past it. Strong visibility for your guests, not to mention plenty of sunlight available for your photography!

Berlin Resort Pavilion

Finally further up our walking path, tucked away in a forest clearing we have our Pavilion! Well suited for both a ceremony AND reception, it’s absolutely brimming with nature’s charm. And if you’re thinking of a Fall wedding, trust me, this one is absolutely breathtaking during leaf season.

Don’t worry too much about weighing your options here against each other either!  If you sign on for one of our outdoor venues, you aren’t going to be missing out on anything you would be getting from one of our indoor venues either!  With access to the same kitchen prep area and tables, alongside outdoor speakers AND an indoor “plan B” just in case weather looks down, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything at any of our venues!


Still not sure as to which of our venues is JUST the right one for your celebration?  Just contact our sparkly and attentive event planner, Missy, at!  There you can get more info about what exactly you’ll be getting from the Berlin Resort for your wedding!