If you’ve checked out one of our previous blog posts, then you’d know that the Amish already celebrate Christmas on a different day than most other people.  The Amish Celebrate Old Christmas, which falls on January 6th, due to the history of calendar differences, so just remember that in case anyone tries to drag you out of the Christmas spirit this month!


Even though they mostly celebrate on January 6th by tradition, many amish still also celebrate on December 25th as well as the day after, which is called “Second Christmas.”  The date they celebrate on usually has to do with where they’re from and which group they’re with.  Celebrating on the 25th is very convenient since that’s when many businesses give time off and close, but of course that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate with different parts of the family on different days!


And just like the date they celebrate on, not all Amish people celebrate Christmas the same way.  Some celebrate similar to most other westerners, with big gifts and decorations, while others are more traditional and conservative.


Leading up to Christmas, the Amish’s traditions aren’t too far off from how most English folk (how the Amish refer to non-Amish folk) celebrate.  There’s still plenty of decoration, church services, and gift giving, but it’s nowhere on the same scale as what many English folk do.


Amish folk decorate with various wreaths, candles, and Christmas trees, but there isn’t quite as much of an emphasis on big elaborate lawn decorations and lighting.  One of the main common differences is that the Amish don’t have a Santa tradition.  Instead, children will exchange names and small gifts at school, while at home they receive small handmade gifts like small toys, clothes, etc.


Just like anyone else, the Amish have a wide variety of celebrations and traditions from group to group, and family to family that I couldn’t even begin to fully encapsulate what Christmas truly is to such a religiously devoted culture of people.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Berlin Resort!